We are using our power in numbers to fight for positive change

CURE is a member-led organization of low- and moderate-income people working to hold corporations and elected officials accountable to our community.  We bring together hundreds of people directly affected by our issues to speak for themselves and demand change.



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CURE envisions a Rochester that works for All.  That means a Rochester where every family has a place to live, a good job, quality healthcare, accessible transportation, and feels safe and welcome in our community.


Housing for All

  • Require that all new developments include affordable housing

  • No tax breaks for projects that don’t include affordable housing

  • Put limits on excessive rent increases

Good Jobs for All

  • $15 minimum wage

  • Paid sick time

  • Respect workers’ rights

Justice for All

  • Separate local law enforcement from federal immigration agents

  • Hold law police and sheriff accountable for excessive use of force

  • Housing and job opportunities for people with prior criminal records

Transportation for All

  • Accessible and functional public transit system

  • Pass Rochester Comprehensive Plan

  • Connect every corner of the city with downtown

Healthcare for All

  • Ensure Mayo Clinic provides charity care in exchange for tax breaks

  • Prohibit Mayo from discriminating against Medicare, Medicaid and VA health plans

  • Call on Mayo to publicly support Universal Healthcare for all Minnesotans


"I am really excited about this group and how much we've grown in just a few short weeks. Our members are growing fast, and there is so much power in numbers. We will not be ignored, nor shut out. The more the better. If you're struggling getting by, this is the place to be. And did I mention how excited I am to be a part of this!!! Why yes, yes, I did."

Pam Franz

"I think this was a great forum for people to come together. I appreciated listening and speaking. Thank you for doing something instead of nothing. Keep up the discussions! Let's build each other up and keep the negative away!"

Attended the Governor's Forum, sponsored by CURE.

Heather Lyn

"This group will be the one who makes a real difference! We are not going anywhere anytime soon."

Andrew Jordan



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